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GLS Online Basic
Trade stocks , options, bonds, mutual funds and other fixed income products online. Real-time trade confirmations and P&L calculations.


Access Your Account:                                                                                                                                                 

Through the Internet
Enjoy the ease of use over the Internet with your Globalink account. Features such as company news, charts, quotes, and a portfolio tracker are just a few of the research tools that will give you the advantage of a professional trader. Review your account balance, current positions, account history, as well as automatic updates within order status and executions. Trade stocks, mutual funds, and options, all through the Internet. Our on-line new account application allows you to begin trading within twenty-four hours of sign-up. Try our demo and see how easy it is to use our site.

Through a Registered Representative
At Globalink we provide you with professional and personable Series 7 Registered Representatives. Our Registered Representatives are available at a toll free number and ready to assist you during market hours with all your investing needs including: providing quotes, enter, change or cancel existing orders, or brokerage account information. Whether you are away from your computer or if you just prefer to ask a person, you will always have access to our Registered Representatives.


*We DO NOT accept any orders via fax machine or email.



Unlimited Account Protection
Globalink provides the account protection available in the industry. Your account is protected up to the total net equity with up to $25,000,000 for cash and securities.


Free Dividend Reinvestment
Automatically accumulate your positions every time you receive a dividend! Enjoy the benefits of compounding returns on your investment without having to place an order, pay a commission, or even purchase a round number of shares.


Exceptional Customer Service
Globalink has always prided itself in delivering quality service to our customers and we stand by that.

Bonds & CDs Online
Invest in Bonds and CDs from a large fixed income inventory. You can purchase Corporate Bonds, Certificates of Deposit and Government Bonds online. You can call us for more fixed income information anytime during our office hours to locate the bonds and CDs that meet your criteria, then we can help you to place your order either by phone or online.


No Inactivity or Account Maintenance Fees
Other brokers charge either inactivity or maintenance fees for accounts that do not meet certain minimum requirements. At Globalink, we do not charge these types of fees.

Financial Calculators
Develop a successful financial plan using our Financial Calculators. Calculate your funding needs for: retirement, college, a home purchase, budgeting, and many other types of plans. Compare various types of IRAs to determine which one best suits your needs.


                                                     Special Services & Fees

E-Documents - Receive statements and confirms online


Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)


Nasdaq Level I Streaming Quotes & Charts


Mailed Trade Confirmations


Mailed Account Statements


Duplicate Account & Tax Statements


Duplicate Trade Confirmations


Margin Call Notices


Sell-Out / Buy-In Notices


Checks Returned as Uncollectible / Insufficient Funds


Issue Stock Certificates


Out-Going Account Transfers


Partial Account Transfer (per item)


Wire Out Funds - Domestic / Foreign

$30 / $35

Tender Offers (Voluntary Reorganizations)


Mandatory Offers (delivery of physical certificate)


Legal Transfers


Overnight Delivery - Continental U.S. / International  Alaska & Hawaii

$25 / $35


                                                 *No Minimum Balance Fees; No Volume or Quantity of Activity Requirement; No Inactive Account Fees
                                                   No Account Use, Connection or Access Fees; No Account Maintenance Fees.

                                                 *We reserve the rights to change our fees and commissions at any time; some restrictions apply.


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